March 2016 Net Worth

March was a GREAT month for our net worth game.  I’ll hit on spending in my next post, but for now let’s focus on net worth.  First, where we ended up:

Cash Accounts $8,108.41 $2,005.81 -19.83%
Retirement Accounts $405,270.00 $16,307.39 4.19%
Investing Accounts $75.14 $46.93 166.36%
Non-Liquid Assets $305,513.00 $2,099.00 0.69%
Credit Cards $11,953.63 $2,781.29 -30.32%
Student Loan $48,225.00 $175.79 0.36%
Mortgage $154,823.00 $931.37 0.60%
NET WORTH $503,964.92 $19,355.86 3.99%
#1 #2 #3 TOTAL
24479.59 $8,160.60 $3,482.64 $36,122.83

A GREAT month, in my opinion.  So, how did we do it?  Let’s discuss each item…

Cash is cash for us.  It might be high depending on when the end of the month hits, or it might be low. April should be high, as a 3 paycheck month with the last Friday of the month being the 3rd paycheck of the month.  As a result, that also means in March it meant the 2nd paycheck of the month smack in the middle of the month, so when it ended, our balance was drawn down a bit.  Simply timing.

Retirement accounts had a boon in two ways…the first was that Mr. Fool received his bonus, and I immediately took that and stuck the max into a traditional IRA with Vanguard.  This was huge for us.  We have been stuck in a rut the past few years where spending caught up with us and then, come bonus time, we were paying down a credit card or something else.  NEVER ideal.  So this year as soon as we received the money I made it happen. Money is gone – no muss, no fuss.  That plus nice market returns means we saw a nice increase here.  Personally, now that we’re getting really serious about FI, I sort of hope the market doesn’t recover very well just yet.

Investing accounts – Nothing but Acorns for us.  I turned on a minimum weekly amount of $10 and the round-ups are the rest.

Non-liquid assets – this is our house and our boat.  No vehicles, as they are old, and will be more of a net worth drain once they die, anyhow.  House value increased per Zillow, and since a house down the street sold for about $45K higher than our estimate, I know it’s conservative and I’m comfortable here.

Credit cards – also timing.  We put almost every expense on one card and the balance at the end of the month was up.  Plus I’m a moron and missed the payment this month.  I have an auto-payment to cover the minimum, but I normally pay it in full each month.  So in April I get to take an $85 interest bath.  Let me tell you – not awesome.  They actually suck.

Student loan – fixed loan at 3%.  Reduction just principal pay down.

Mortgage – also fixed loan at 3% over 15 years (we have about 12 left).  Reduction just principal pay down.

We had a huge boost from the IRA contribution, but I’m hoping to get some things paid down soon and continue the momentum.  There’s some talk at my job about some possible ways to increase my salary, so I’m hoping that pans out.  Increased flexibility at work + increased pay = the stuff that FI dreams are made of!  I also was able to pay down my side-hustle credit card further than expected last month and may be able to pay it off entirely in April. The momentum continues!

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